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Instructions for Storage Media

We are pleased that you have received your rescued data and
thank you for your order.
With your package you get an external hard drive (HDD) or one
OTG stick on which your data is stored. Please follow
read the appropriate guide, hard drive or OTG Stick, to access your data.

External HDD

OTG Stick

Instructions for an external hard drive

1. Please open the carton.


2. The carton contains the data carrier, power supply,
USB cable, a small screwdriver and instructions.

Content and components

3. Connect the storage medium to the Power-
Adapter and plug it into the socket.

Connect hard disk to power cord

Connect mains plug

4. Remove the USB cable and connect the USB cable
Media with your computer.

Connect to laptop or computer

5. Turn on the disc by pressing the button
on the back side.
The flashing LED indicates that the medium
is being used.

Turn on the hard disk

6. The disk is now recognized by your PC and you
have access to your data in the opening folder.
If no folder is opened directly, please click on your folder
External drive to open the folder.

Hard disk appears in menu

7. You can disconnect the disk from the computer
by using „Hardware Safely Remove „.
Select the hard disk in the open window and stop.

Disconnect hard disk

Disconnect hard disk

8. Once the operating system reported that the housing
can be safely removed and the red lamp no longer
flashing, please wait a few seconds until the hard disk
totally shuts down and no noise can be heard.
Then you can disconnect the device from the device.

Disk can be turned off



1. Remove the disc from the package.

OTG Stick

2.Use either the Micro USB port or the
USB port by opening the corresponding cap.

Right USB, left Micro USB Port

3. Connect the plug to your device. The devise is
now readable. You have access to your data
with opening the folder. If there is no folder,
please click on your external drive to open it.

Display of USB in menu

4. You can use the „Hardware“ tool
Safely Remove „from the computer
Select the hard disk in the opening window and choose
You stop „.

Disconnect USB port

5. Once the operating system has reported that the housing
can be safely removed, you disconnect the computer.

Disconnect USB port

If you have any questions, please call our support team.
Telephone number can be found on our Stellar Datenrettung
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